I Know When the World's Ending!

4/9/2012 Thomas Shields

[This is a repost of something I posted a long time ago, in a another world. That other world may or may not have been Narnia]

Consider with me Psalm 90:10, which says “The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty.” Consider also Job 7:7, which states “Remember that my life is a breath.” Taken together, these two verses are vital to our understanding of eschatology. As the time span of the average human breath is significantly small, we can readily assume that Job employs this metaphor with respect to time. Understanding that a human’s breaths can only take place within the defined region of their breather’s life, we can also assume there is a distinct and obvious contrast between the length of a breath and the length of a man’s life. Interestingly enough, there is also a mathematical ratio. Job’s statement indicates that man’s life is indeed short: just as a man’s breath is short compared to the span of his life, so the span of man’s life is short: but compared to what? Considering that the life span of the containing world has, it can be argued through analogy, its breath through its inhabitants, a logical analysis leads us to believe that ratio runs like so: man’s breath is to man’s life as man’s life is to the world’s life. When we combine this with the information on the average length of a man’s life provided in Psalms, we unearth some interesting mathematical data. Since the average adult breathes 12-20 times per minute (which gives the average breath a lifespan of 3.75 seconds), and since this adult lives, according to Psalms, an average of 75 years, we can express the ratio explained earlier as:

3.75 sec / (75 yrs * 365.25 days * 24 hrs * 60 min * 60 sec) = 1.584404391 x 10^-9
Continuing the mathematical equality…
(75 yrs * 365.25 days * 24 hrs * 60 min *60 sec) / (World Life Span in Seconds) = 1.584404391 x 10^-9
(World Life-Span-Seconds) = (75 yrs * 365.25 days * 24 hrs * 60 min * 60 sec) / 1.584404391 x 10^-9 = 1.493823177 x 1018 sec
1.493823177 x 1018 sec = 4.73364 x 1010 years

This of course is the number forty-seven billion, three hundred thirty-six million, four hundred thousand. Of course, given that 75 is only an average between 70 and 80, and that 16 is only an average between 12 and 20, the numbers could vary by as much as 42%, meaning the world’s life span could be as long as 67.3 billion years and as short as 30.9 billion. If we accept an “Old-Earth” view, in which the age of the earth is roughly 4.54 billion years, Judgment Day could be a mere 26.4 billion years away, though the other extremes of the data place it more than 62.7 billion years away. A “Young-Earth” view of the earth’s age barely chips at the massive length of time between now and the Messiah’s return, leaving Christians and young-earth creationists speechless.